How to Share a Direct Link to Your Vine Profile

January 28, 2013 — 34 Comments

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Vine, the new social network for six-second videos, is quickly catching on. Twitter announced their purchase of the network on Thursday. I wrote a brief introduction to it if you need to know more.

Vine offers a few ways to connect with people. You can find people using the search function, through contacts on your phone or your followers on Twitter. However, Facebook does not allow Vine to access your friends. There’s no easy way to provide a direct link to your Vine profile on Facebook.

How to Find Your Vine URL

Text Message Vine URLThe first step in sharing a direct link to your Vine profile is to find the URL. To do this, open the Vine app. Visit your Profile and click ‘Settings.’

On the following screen, you will see your picture, bio and some options below. Scroll down until you see the section labeled ‘Friends.’ Under this section, select ‘Invite via text.’ This will populate a new message for you. It should read “Follow me on Vine: vine://user/SomeReallyLongNumberHere.”

Copy everything from ‘vine://’ through the last number. This is the direct link to your profile.

How to Make Your URL Clickable

Because the URL to your profile links directly to an iPhone application, it will not be clickable if you paste it on Twitter, Facebook, or any other website.

You must turn the URL into a format that social networks or email will understand. The best way to do this is with TinyURL, a URL shortening tool ( and Hootsuite will not shorten vine:// URLs). A URL shortener creates a new link that redirects to the original link you provided. In most cases, it’s used to save characters in a status update. In this case, however, it’s the only way to create a clickable link to your Vine profile.TinyURL

Go to On this page is a box that says ‘Enter a long URL to make tiny’ as seen in the screenshot in this post. Paste the Vine URL in this box. Click the ‘Make TinyURL’ button. The page will reload with a short URL that links directly to your Vine profile. Copy the link. Now you’re ready to share your profile!

Only iPhone users who have Vine installed will be able to use the link.

Share it Everywhere

Add your Vine profile link to your Twitter bio, Facebook ‘About Me’ section, and your email signature. When possible, use the disclaimer ‘Links to iPhone app’ near the link so people will know what to expect when they click it.

Here is my Vine profile:

Are you on Vine yet? If so, share your clickable profile link in the comments!

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  • Daryl Brice

    I tried this and Safari goes to an error page that says; Safari can’t open “vine url here” because OSX doesn’t recognize url’s starting with “vine” Yes I used tinyurl to make the link. Here’s my link: Tried Chrome and it does nothing, just reloads my current page. I’m a Mac/Safar/iPhone user.

    • John Cade

      Unfortunately, Vine does not offer web profiles. Therefore, this link will only work if someone is on an iPhone and has Vine installed.

      • Daryl Brice

        I see, got it.

  • Mel

    Here is my vine #. Still can’t figure out how to make it a link. vine://user/920779194

  • Mle

    K!! I figured it out!! Thanks!!

  • Mars Eve
    Thanx! I want to be a VineStar! – Mars Eve

  • Melissa Dale
  • Shawna Holman

    Crazy, man, cray. Thx!

  • Lizza

    EEK!! It doesn’t seem to work you have an “workaround” update?

  • Michael Wohlwend

    Thanks John.

    Say, my freshman year roommate was a John Cade. I hope you have less trouble waking in the morning.

    my flipbook animation vines here

    any tips for non-app integration with Vine?

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  • Joshua

    I personally prefer to shorten links, because a lot of TinyURL links are spam.

  • David

    Follow me and check out my funny vines!


  • Drew Gneiser

    Thanks for the tip John.

  • Sadface

    This does not work.

    • Josúe Moreyra

      Already got mine, thanks! BTW, you can actually watch Vines from a PC or Mac on :)

  • Bruna Black

    Hello there! Here is my Vine. Proceed with caution and at your own risk.

  • Mrstraightedge

    I can’t post any vine videos to my fb :(

  • J

    How do I access my direct Vine profile URL on a PC?

  • Jerald clark

    Follow me on Vine: vine://user/949480113

  • Sebastian

    Follow me (eg. vine://user/934268079968509952

  • BlackHatMario

    you write:

    “Visit your Profile and click ‘Settings.’”

    AND CLICK SETTINGS? – there is not such thing, there is only a “MUTE” button on my profile. No settings.

  • adam

    i cannot believe this isn ot easier, fair enough vine, let instagram win!!!!

  • Scott McGregor Moore

    Thanks John!

    dreamSTATE ambient vineart at

  • Matt S.

    “Only iPhone users who have Vine installed will be able to use the link.”

    Works for me! Nicely done, John!

  • Cameron ‘c Duo’ Campbell

    what about the Droid users? It just says Don’t have Vine? Get it from Google Play:

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    Follow me on Vine: vine://user/987848837739794432

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    heres mine

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